Sunday, September 21, 2008

Baby's 1st camping trip

So our ward had an overnight campout so we decided to go. We got 2 sites for us, the Tiffany's, the Bassets and the Millers. It was a super great time and we LOVE hanging out with these families. I only wish I would have gotten more pictures. Alex is the one to thank for the pictures we did get, without him we would have had like one shot.

Slowly, one by one everyone left our happy little campsite. It started with the Tiffany's, then the Bassetts went home, and then in the middle of the night the Millers left. I guess Alex's snoring was too much. We woke to only find Kiera.

At the yummy ward breadfast.

this picture just makes me laugh!

ok, this kid loves tags. She's playing in the pack and play with all her other toys, and all she wants is the tag under the pad.....why do we even buy toys?

My favorite part, finishing off the reduced fat oreos!!

Somebody was tired from all the camping fun!!

After everyone packed up and left, we felt like it was still early in the day and we didn't get a chance to play any Kiera stayed with us and we played Wizard, it was fun!

Alex's pile of got much bigger!

Thats the bush that houses BIG FOOT! The whole time we were playing we kept hearing things, and not little animal things either. Somethings living in ther!

Baby having lunch with daddy!

Here we are playing cards, we love Wizard!

We're driving home with the windows down, she loves it!!


Joyous Crew said...

Those are some fun pictures!

Carlson Clan said...

That looks so fun!! Wish we were there with y'all! I love Alexa's little pink hat, she looks so adorable in it!

Corina said...

That looked like such a fun time! Alexa is looking like she is having a good time. Ethan used to love tags also, you should get her a tag blanket! Its like a 12x12 blanket with tags all along the edges.

Tammy said...

No way - did everyone come back later for breakfast? Or had they just moved?? That's too funny. I wish we could have gone camping too. You need to teach us how to play Wizard!

Am said...

I heard about all the families leaving in the middle of the night. I guess you should have offered them ear plugs...
I'm sure that's not why they left. It was probably that their own warm beds were only 20 min. away!!

Holly Walton said...

I wish that we could of gone camping...but wesley is a little too young. Maybe next year we can do another camping trip. But this time not in october when it's freezing outside!!

Senessa said...

We had so much fun even though we left!!!