Thursday, September 11, 2008


I always said I was going to do "Baby Wise" before I got pregnant. I so couldn't do it, I can't let my baby cry, I'm a huge whimp. There is something about when she rubs her eyes, yawns and puts her head on my shoulder that I LOVE. She never just sits there and lets me cuddle with her, and as her mother I really enjoy it when she's ready for bed. She's usually asleep before I can start rocking in the chair but I usually just hold her for a few minutes. She's getting so big, so fast I don't want to give it up!!


Corina said...

Kerri, there is nothing wrong with cuddling! I could never do the crying thing either...I always wimp out after a minute. Heck, they even sleep in our bed until they wean from nursing.

KrishasKrew said...

I think you are so good for going with your "mommy instincts." I don't think I could ever be a Babywise mom- funny note, I am reading this book about Natural Labor and Delievery and it says one of the "bad books" is Babywise. I will admit I have never read it, but just from what I get from others it isn't my style. Have fun with Alexa, there will be days when she is about 6, and she may not want to cuddle with you, and there will be times you wont want to cuddle with her?!?!

Pioneeress said...

Kerri, I'm so with you! I read Babywise too, and now that I'm on my 5th baby I take any cuddle moment I can get, because I know they grow up so fast!! Sarah Hale Cresap :)