Sunday, September 7, 2008

Timeout for Women!!!

AHHHH, what a wonderful weekend!! My mom, sister, daughter and myself went to time out for women (we missed you Michelle) and it was great, we even got free bags (i get excited about free). There is just something about being in a large room with all women of your faith. I'm a musical person and often feel the spirit much more quickly when I hear a beautiful song, and this weekend was the same. Kenneth Cope sang several songs and he has an awesome voice. I just wish I could of sung out loud with him. I had him sign 2 of my songbooks that he wrote and took a few pictures. Love his work! Other presenters were Mary Ellen Edmunds, sharon Larsen, Camille Fronk Olson, Carolyn Rasmus and Jason Wright. I really liked Jason Wright, and Mary Ellen Edmunds.I got to see my great friends Jonna and Terri from Fremont, man I miss that area! Overall it was a super time, I love the way I feel after a spiritual weekend, I can't wait for next year. Anyway baby was GREAT!! She was so easy and fun to be with. I love her so much. After the conference we went to Leatherbee's and had icecream!!! Man it was good! Since I've started weight watchers I haven't had such a huge dessert. Mom and I split ours and it was a good thing cause I would have eaten the whole thing by myself.

I highly recommend you go to a "Timeout for Women" with those you love if's really great!!


Nance said...

Looks like so much fun!! What a fun thing to do with all of the women in your life!! You're so lucky to
have a sister!!

Tammy said...

I went once when Kailey was little...but unlike Alexa, she wasn't as great. I spent some good time out in the hall trying to get her to sleep. But the parts I did hear were great!!

Joyous Crew said...

Did you really share the ice cream or did you just make it seem like you were being conservative about the ice cream consumption??? LOL. Looks yummy and fun!

Aaron and Michelle said...

In the picture with Kenneth you look like you have a piercing in your tongue. Ha Ha! I wish I could've been there with you guys!

jonna c said...

What?! There's a Leatherby's in Scto, and you didn't tell us?! Okay - you can make it up to us next year! When, by the way, we'll connect beforehand and sit together! Your sweet Alexa is an absolute angel. What a treat to finally meet her in person. And such a treat to see you again after so long. We miss you terribly in Fremont! But i couldn't be happier for you - who are so connected with your family - to be blessed to live so close to so many of them. So at the same time that my heart aches, it smiles for you and the immense number of blessings you are enjoying at this point in your life. Love you SOOOO much! Jonna