Thursday, September 11, 2008

My baby got sick

Well it finally happened, she got sick. Last week on Thursday she would cough this strange cough I hadn't heard before, then when we put her to sleep she woke herself 5 or 6 times coughing. She had a stuffy nose and it was running down her throat making her cough. We took her in to the office and got her adjusted and tested and she had some allergies. We got all the supplements to help and she did SOOOO much better the rest of the week..........cut to this week on Thursday. She woke up with a flemmy cough and a green gooyey nose. Back to the office we went for more care. She's doing well tonight, just a little cough every once in a while. I'll take her to the dr. on monday if it hasn't gone away by then. I just wish I didn't have to stick that thing up her nose to get the snot.....she hates it. If only she could blow her nose!! ;)

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Carlson Clan said...

Just wait until you have a baby who is barfy!! It's probably the saddest thing ever!!! Ellie was at like 7 months and I sat her on the couch and she would lay back and fall asleep and then wake up and barf. I felt so bad for her!!